Your baby spends the first nine months of their life cuddled in the warmth and comfort of your body.  Each day in the womb is spent being safely held and gently rocked from side-to-side as you walk, climb and move, even in your sleep.  The rhythm of a mother’s heart, and the muffled tones of the family voices  are the first songs that stimulate your baby’s mind.

Just as you may need time to transition from your old life to your new role as a parent, your baby also needs time and support to transition from life inside the womb to life on the outside.  It should be no surprise then, that for much of the first year your baby still needs to be surrounded by the gentle touch, rhythm, smells and sounds they are so familiar with.

You can give your baby the chance to make this transition gently and happily by enrolling in an IAIM First Touch Course.

Kerrin runs a five week Infant Massage course, once a week, 1 to 1.5 hours per session.  These can be held at your house, or at locations in Brookvale, Mona Vale, Dee Why or North Sydney.  Other locations may also be available as Kerrin can run the course from various rooms at yoga centres and is open to other suggestions.